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Mark Currier

Mark Currier

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Dad was an advanced amateur photographer (among his many other technical skills and interests) and it inspired me at the age of 4 to ask for a camera. I have been seeing the world (quite literally) through a camera lens ever since (sometimes to my wife's distress). I love to capture moments and scenes that will never again happen quite the same way. I constantly wonder how EVERYTHING looks through a lens.

No formal photography training other than a 6 week class in tenth grade high school, otherwise I am completely self-taught. I have always been an information sponge and read everything I can find about whatever subject it is that I am currently studying until I know more about it than most people. If I am interested in something, I must know everything that there is to know about it, and if my questions are still not answered, then I will become the authority on that subject and find the answers to then share with others.

I have traveled the world and seen many wonderful things, many of which I have captured for others to see. I love to share my experiences with others.

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Nashville Skyline


Chicago Bean


Paris Cafe


Castle Stairs


Montmartre from Musee d'Orsay


The Louvre


Sunset at Smithfield Station


Vineyard Grapes


Wagon at Mabry Mill


Jefferson Reflects


Stargazer Lily


Mabry Mill


Paris of Yesteryear


Gargoyle Looking Over Paris


Governors Palace


Glass Blowing


Flight Over Duomo


Eiffel and Arc


Rolls Royce


Arc de Triomphe


Tuileries Paris Wheel


Eiffel In Motion


The Battle of Franklin


The Parthenon


The Resistence